Fresh Morning Biotin 5000 mcg

Healthier Hair Growth, Stronger Nails, Glowing Skin


HAIR GROWTH: Biotin is a vitamin B that plays a key role in the body and is an important nutrient for the growth and maintenance of your healthy hair, glowing skin and strong nails.

HEALTHY NAILS: Regular intake can help to reduce brittleness of nails and improve skin’s radiance. Supports the production of fatty acids and cell growth which can increase nail strength, nail growth.

EXTRA STRENGTH: Full 5000 mcg per serving of Biotin vitamin necessary for cell growth and metabolism of fats. The powerful vitamin supports your hair health from the inside.

GLOWING SKIN: It helps to skin health by overcoming biotin deficiency and maximizing body’s nutritional intake. Biotin’s rejuvenating properties can help restore radiance for a healthy, smooth complexion. Biotin also promotes growth of healthier and stronger nails.